The 4th Industrial Revolution Is Nothing But Biology Taking Shape: Quickly Read Why Here (And How To Be An Innovator)

This is a chapter from the book ‘Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily.’ It is available on Amazon.

What is the 4th Industrial Revolution, you ask.

I say perhaps it is nothing but just biology taking shape.

You ask why.

Well, human beings are gifted with this brain that can figure out how to make things in ways that no other animal can.

Monkeys cannot make a blender although they love a banana smoothie.

I am saying we have a mind that can invent a chair and even invent it further to a wheeled chair. To an electric wheeled chair. Create an aeroplane which transports people sitting on chairs or even sleeper chairs.

You then think where does this brain come from.

Biology gave us this brain and its psyche.

Think of it, this brain of ours is biological. Semen and an egg unite and conceive a thing that then becomes a human being. The woman’s womb curates the development of this to be a human being thing.

In the development, the brain is one of the organs that form.

Later on, this brain can figure many things out and even innovate.

And this brain never stops. Hence we now say we are in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We’ve been innovating from the 1st Industrial Revolution. In fact, since humans were here on earth 300 thousand or so years ago.

We never stop innovating and improving things. Hence there will be a 5th Industrial Revolution and many others to come.

Will you be part of those innovating products of this Industrial Revolution and others to come?

It is simple to be a contributor to innovations.

You just have to create things that are not there already.


Let me give an analogy from biology.

Life started with single-cell organisms. Then those single-cell organisms had some sort of sex and out of that union multi-cellular organism emerged (evolved).

Those multi-cellular organisms had sex also. They created many other multi-cellular organisms.

Then various biological lives branched from that, e.g. animals, plants, fungi.

We are a part of the branch called animals.

So, biology innovated us by mixing or rather having sex with its self.

Manmade innovations also occur through the mixing of things.

An electric chair is a mix of an electric motor and a chair.

So I am saying innovation is mixing things so to create something that was never there.

An aeroplane is innovated or created by mixing many things: chairs, motor engine, windows, radio, etc.

You get me when I say innovation is a mix of things?

The 1st Industrial Revolution was arrived at through mixing things. The newer things innovated in the 1st Industrial Revolution were mixed to innovate things in the 2nd Industrial  Revolution. So on and so forth.

Whatever was innovated in the previous Industrial Revolutions and this one, will be mixed to create innovations for the coming 5th Industrial Revolution.

Innovation never stops.

To innovate, you mix things. Importantly, you must know and have an insight into a lot of things so you can have a predictive vision of what things when mixed can create novel (new) innovations.

If you had insights into the internet, coding and video, you could have been the one to figure out you can mix them to create video streaming, and who knows, you could have been the one who founded YouTube.