TOWNSHIP BIZ FASTRACK (A book by Tiisetso Maloma)

Township Biz Fastrack by Tiisetso Maloma 1st edition

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Township Biz Fastrack gives insights into development and growth models for township based businesses.

It focuses on strong principles which most township businesses have used to start-up, but haven’t wholly adhered to in the long run to their detriment. Therefore haven’t grown and sustained themselves amidst heavy competition and ever-changing societal dynamics.

One principle in the book is bootstrapping, which by example is: starting off by selling one or two strategic and/or passion products, e.g. archar, to then reinvesting the proceeds on expansion. Therefore practical learning happens with minimum risk in capital investment.

The other principle is validation. So many businesses which started off selling few items have grown on the strength of customer advice – what to stock further.

The book includes interviews with notable township business owners, whom give strategic survival tactics.

This book is targeted at township business owners and employees.