Tiisetso Maloma’s Books Launch Party: Innovate the Next and Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily

You are invited to my Books Launch Party at the Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City on 29 May 2021.

It is for the release of two books:

  1. Innovate the Next: Success Frameworks to Innovating Products in Any Revolution
  2. Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily

SPACE IS VERY LIMITED. To join in the celebration party, RSVP via this link www.tiisetsomaloma.com/rsvp.

To only you subscribers: I am offering a 20% discount coupon on all tickets when you insert launchparty. It’s valid until this coming Sunday (18 April 2021).

It will be a celebration of 7 books published to date.

To order books in bulk, contact Bongani on bookings@tiisetsomaloma.com and 061 536 6041.

It is special for me as I’ve never held any book launch event since my first book in 2013, and therefore I look forward to celebrating with you, business colleagues, friends and family.

Like Biggie Smalls said, “It was all a dream.”

The current 5 book are in national bookstores (Exclusive Books, Bargain Books and Takealot https://bit.ly/3fPHHMB and Amazon.com https://amzn.to/3t3krhN):

  1. The Anxious Entrepreneur
  2. Forget the Business Plan
  3. Township Biz Fastrack
  4. Township Biz Adjacent
  5. Tales of an African Entrepreneur.

Pre-orders outside the launch: South Africa www.tiisetsomaloma.com./store, and internationally on Amazon https://amzn.to/3t3krhN.


The core teaching of the book is how one can become an innovator of novel products (physical and virtual) in any industrial revolution.

It is targeted at entrepreneurs, employees and innovation enthusiasts.

To understand and master a thing, one has to understand how it forms, unfolds and evolves.


Chaptor One takes to evolutionary biology to form this understanding of innovation evolution (manmade and biological).

After all, biology gave humans the brain they innovate with.

It looks at the factors pre-determining the success or failure of biological and manmade innovations.

Chapter Two connects the success or failure of manmade innovations to evolutionary psychological-inclinations through Tiisetso Maloma’s devised Human Greed Pyramid.

The pyramid illustrates how product success is allowed and or disallowed by human inclinations.

Chapter Three plots how inclinations can be plotted into innovation.

Chapter Four reverse engineers the models illustrated in the book into what skills can one hone to become an innovator of novel products.


Chapter Five connects the models learned throughout the book to understand the current (Fourth) Industrial Revolution and its technologies: robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, the Internet of Things, decentralized consensus, 5G, 3D printing and autonomous vehicles.

It sheds light on key innovation concepts such as Moore’s Law, exaptation, and convergence.

It is a chapter on how to see into the future as an innovator.


This book is a collection of fun and easy essays, written by Tiisetso Maloma, explaining the Fourth Industrial Revolution and innovation.

The essays touch on creativity, evolutionary biology, novelty, adjacent possible theory, surreality and The Human Greed Pyramid.


Tiisetso Maloma authored 7 books and founded startups in clothing, publishing, events and tech. He has worn hats as an accountant, DJ, web designer, clothing designer, and trainer.

Maloma’s current work involves helping entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs get a leading understanding of the 4IR and how they can become innovators of novel products. It marries evolution, innovation, consumer behaviour and entrepreneurship.

Maloma’s founded and co-founded startups include Maloma Content Publishers, Bula Buka, Rural Joss Clothing, Startup Picnic, Gabble Heights Clothing, www.goodmorningsa.co.za, eKhaya Moji, Bhovas & Sam Clothing, Defuse Anxiety, PsychHero Consulting.

He is an advisor at Atimeme App and Pro Hangout dating app.

He’s been the foremost blogger of entrepreneurship content in South Africa on www.tiisetsomaloma.com for the last 10 years.

Maloma has featured on CNBC, Power FM, Huffington Post, Biz Community, Under 30 CEO (USA), Destiny Man, How We Made It In Africa, Business Report, and many others.