Why the Woke Bitches Don’t Want the Kids to Have Love for KANYE WEST

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Let me lay down some pointers first, and will rant goodly in a bit.

Kanye West, a black man, who among a multitude of varied accomplishments, has:

  • Produced scores of international hit records for black musicians: the likes of Alicia Keys, Drake, John Legend, Jay Z, Mos Def, Ludacris, Monica, and others.
  • Through his label GOOD Music, he signed black musicians and together they brewed international success. I think of Big Seun, Desiigner and John Legend.
  • He has shared his celebrity platform with then-unknown designer friends. Don C and Virgil Abloh now own internationally renowned brands. Multinational luxury enterprises often hire their creativity.
  • This is the man who at the height of his career as a successful producer and rapper, with multiple Grammy awards in his bag, and with millions of records sold – a wealthy millionaire essentially, took an internship at Fendi alongside his friend Virgil Abloh. They were paid $500 a month. Some might say they weren’t regular interns – which they say they were but probably were not, but fuck, he is Kanye West. It is not like he was not bringing millions in worth to the company. Because people don’t know their worth, they belittle other’s advances in life.
  • Yeezy, his sneaker brand which he produces with Adidas, was set to hit $1.5 billion in sales by the end of 2019.  I await to hear the 2019 sales report.
  • Yeezy comes at the backdrop of Kanye West being despondent by the sneaker deal he had with Nike, and them refusing to upgrade his deal. He wanted a royalty-per-sneaker-sold contract, they kind they had with Michael Jordan and Lebron James (Lebron has a lifetime endorsement deal with Nike and the word is they will likely pay him over $1 billion by the time he is 64 years of age).
  • Nike refused Kanye’s advances. Instead, they offered to give him up to 10 000 shoes and also donate some of the proceeds to his favourite charity.
  •  I assume Nike was paying him a fixed amount under their deal.
  • He packed his bags and left. Then he went crazy as entrepreneurship gets the best us. Rants ensued, tweeting that he is in debt of $53 million and needs someone to invest in his business ideas – going the extent of tweeting out Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in his ventures.
  • Apparently, Twitter co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey, willed himself to fund him.
  • He took no investors and negotiated an unprecedented deal with Adidas where he would get a record 15% royalty per sneaker deal (per wholesale price).
  • And he still owns the brand 100%. It means he can leave them and start elsewhere.
  • The reported average royalty given on sneaker deals is 5%, and which is apparently a percentage range Nike has with Michael Jordan for his Jordan brand.
  • Shout out to Mr Jordan. He paved the way for these kinds of deals the likes of Kanye West are building on. It’s only progressive to see such.
  • It is remarkable how a 5-year-old Adidas Yeezy is not far off in sales from Jordan, which according to Forbes generates around $3 billion per annum (approximately).
  • In a Fast Company Innovation Festival interview, he spoke of Adidas giving him problems and him in retaliation threatening them with 7 clauses for termination he included in his contract. He negotiated these clauses in the contract. Not a lot of people have the balls to do that. And he learned those balls through mistakes. It is about marching forward a better person.
  • The man buys properties – including a 6000-acre ranch – and says he says he will build factories to manufacture products. This is manufacturing in his country and creating jobs for his fellow citizens. Mexicans are welcome I tell you that. Mark my words.
  • Steven Smith. The dad of ‘dad shoe designs.’ The guy behind New Balance 574, Reebok Instapump Furyand and the Nike Zoom Streak Spectrum. Kanye head hunted this iconic shoe baron to be Yeezys’ lead design director. This is the man who designed the 50 Cent and G-Unit sneaker in 2003.
  • So a black man can hire the best talent in the world and make money from them? Check the love and sales for Yeezy’s. Guard damn Steven Smith is the shit.
  • At the same interview, I heard him talk of plans of incorporating algae in their designs and trying to innovate dyeing in their clothing, with a view of impacting the environment better. Innovation is exactly that. I.e. people deciding to pursue what isn’t there already, what hasn’t been achieved before, what they don’t know they will achieve, and putting their effort and money into it.

This is a black man doing all these remarkable manoeuvres. Isn’t this what black kids can aspire to? Such deeds are reference points for kids that it is possible if only you go after it. You will fail. It will take years. But you can do it. This is inspiration.

This black man, inspite of his creativity, productivity and profitability, is said to be crazy and ‘should be cancelled.’

All these are said because of his politics, i.e. supporting Trump. I won’t get into American politics, but, everyone has an opinion of how they see the world. Viewpoints at different topics are dissimilar, and also per similar groups or ideologies of people. It stupid to think another person will agree with your issue per issue.

Here is where the distraction is at. This is important

There are those who live for their narrative to be bigger than everyone else’s. They live for that kind of shit. They want their narrative to be bigger than those who accomplish more than them. Even when a person accomplishes great deeds for others – e.g. employment, they still want their narrative of that person or situation to be mightier than those people’s efforts.

Now because they are narrative satans, they especially want their narrative to be bigger than those they disagree with. In fact to them, those people should be hated and they should fail. These satans even rally.

Their crusade is to vilify others for seeing certain things differently. They have appointed themselves as narrative keepers and gatekeepers. They perceive themselves as divine holders of narrative, anointed theologians of discourses and persecutors of those who ‘sin.’

Every moment of history has them.

They are black. They are white. They exist in all races and cultures. Abo boss zonke of narratives.

They don’t matter. Why? They aren’t the kind of people that make and do things. They are not doers. And all they do is talk. They are good at it.

Fuck these bitches.

A difference is society is made by people who go out and do things. Entrepreneurs, people in charity, and other parts of society wherein people have chosen themselves as the first to start doing.

Here is what matters

“You know who likes teamwork? Incompetent people,” Gavin McInnes at Tedx Brooklyn in 2014. Gavin is someone who is hated by the politically correct thought bullies. Anyhow, he is funny.

It is true. Lazy and incompetent people love teamwork. They also love consensus. If you disagree with them, they rally against you.

But, consensus doesn’t decide to chase crazy ideas. Consensus loving people are articulate in seeing wrong in everything. Because it is about ego.

A win for these kinds of people is the whole table agreeing with them, and usually not to chase crazy ideas. You can tell this article is for those who want to give the world product and not just mere thoughts on how society should be.

Product is about crazy ideas. Innovation is about creating what is not yet there. It is about you not agreeing with the whole table and saying fuck this I am going to pursue these crazy ideas by myself.

Global change is effected by people who are willing to go first and alone. Then they attract or hire a team. And the team members are chosen because they can complete a specific competency on their own for the team (own a competency [skill] and you will be chosen). And they lead the work.

And these team members don’t work based on consensus. They are directed to what or how to contribute.

It is the likes of Kanye West, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Shuttleworth and Charles Darwin.  No consensus table told them to start and to keep going. Yes, they faced negativity and others encouraged them. But, they and with themselves willed and dared to keep going.

If it wasn’t for them, we’d have less product in the world.

I doubt consensus motivated Steve Biko, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King to put themselves on the line. And they were assassinated for the causes they pushed.

Heroes aren’t made by current consensual perspective. Martin Luther King was considered a coon. Malcolm X was considered a sell-out by the masses for leaving The Nation of Islam. Only later were these people considered heroes.

“It takes fearlessness to be first. You know, to not move with the crowd, to move alone. You get scrutinised by people that move with the crowd. They got to make you look bad to make themselves look good” – Dame Dash.

[and I am still writing to this article… because I can]