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The Science of Cooling Down Your Mental Engine: Gaining Control Over Anxiety and Increasing Creativity/Productivity

Sometimes I literally can feel my mind is overworked – like a car overheating – and frustration and desperation are taking control of my mental engine.

What if like the engine in a car we could turn our mind on and off to cool it down? Or like a computer we can refresh and clear our mental RAM?

Gain productivity, creativity and joy – defeat anxiety and stress: The Anxious Entrepreneur book

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It was at about 3:35 pm. I felt I was about to faint or have a panic attack. The day was not going well. Over and above, I was overly tired.

It had been weeks since I had any ‘win’. Therefore I needed to hustle people on the phone even if it was 4:00 pm. I was desperate. For goodness’ sake, that time is around knock off time. A business pitch is the last thing they would want to hear.

An earlier rejection email had heightened the panic. All these triggered my mind to think I have no hope: immediately, I time travelled to the past and the future. I saw no advantage of what my past has brought to today and I saw no light in my future.

Anxiety invades our productivity and therefore our goals. All it takes is to not see progress in a day, then a week or a month. The next thing you know, you are standing at the peak of the highest anxiety hill, depressingly recalling your record of failures and doubting your future.

This book goes through what to do to counter such episodes – and below are things you can do now:

But He is Nigerian: The Importance of Relating an Honest Scope with Clients

These points are extracted from my upcoming book The Anxious Entrepreneur.

I can build WordPress websites. It is subject to debate though. I mess around with few easy themes and manipulate them until they look awesome. I cannot really edit CSS (the design code used on WordPress websites).

The only reason I learned WordPress a bit was because I needed a website and I could not afford a web designer. This is back in 2010 or so. I have been doing this since then till 2014.

It was the era of the branding epidemic. All the branding gurus said you need a website to be taken seriously. No you don’t. Stay with this book I will show you.

There is so much bullshit out there of the things you ‘must do’ as an entrepreneur. Good bullshit and bad bullshit. Pick only the