7 of Tbo Touch’s Touchdowns: Nuggets for Pursuing Success

Some say Tbo Touch (real name, Thabo Molefe) is annoying on radio as he (formerly on his Metro FM show – Touch 326) talks more about himself.

I wrote this post before he left Metro FM to start his own online radio station with Gareth Cliff – Touchcentral. And now it has changed to Touch HD.

Maybe he is a bit of a narcist. I’ve figured there are great variables Read more

The Art of Theft and a Montage of How Popular Culture Steals Dance Moves from ZCC’s Mokhukhu Bands

Is it a coincidence that most popular daces today have a resemblance to ZCC (Zion Christian Church) mokhukhu bands’ moves? Check out how the dance looks like here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P6wd1rz0bs.

On that in a minute. [If you are here just for the humour, and not the science of artistic theft, scroll straight to B.] Read more