But He is Nigerian: The Importance of Relating an Honest Scope with Clients

These points are extracted from my upcoming book The Anxious Entrepreneur.

I can build WordPress websites. It is subject to debate though. I mess around with few easy themes and manipulate them until they look awesome. I cannot really edit CSS (the design code used on WordPress websites).

The only reason I learned WordPress a bit was because I needed a website and I could not afford a web designer. This is back in 2010 or so. I have been doing this since then till 2014.

It was the era of the branding epidemic. All the branding gurus said you need a website to be taken seriously. No you don’t. Stay with this book I will show you.

There is so much bullshit out there of the things you ‘must do’ as an entrepreneur. Good bullshit and bad bullshit. Pick only the Read more