Kanye “made in America” is some gospel; no swearing dude

I finally decide to listen to Watch The Throne; Jay Z and Kanye West’s collaboration album. I come across this song “made in America” which features Frank Ocean on the hook. OH LORD this is an amazing record.

The chorus terribly hooks me; it goes like “Sweet King Martin, sweet Queen Coretta, Sweet Brother, Malcolm, sweet Queen Betty, Sweet Mother Mary, sweet Father Joseph, Sweet Jesus, we made it in AmericaSweet baby Jesus, oh sweet baby Jesus” . This is a religious song. This is a holy song. It’s a nigga spiritual. Black people; formerly slaves; now making it hard in the US of A; that got to be celebrated.

There is a line where Kanye West goes “this This ain’t no fashion show ****mothafucka, we live it”. Mr West why do you have to swear on this blessed song. Nigga please; wipe that “motherfucker” off the song. LOL