Comedy Takes on Everything

This post is a continuation of this article ‘Spotting the Funny and Surviving Offense’.

Comedy takes on everything: Chauvinism, feminism, religion, atheism, health, disease, skinny people, fat people, presidents, serious issues, taboo topics, hypocrisy, everyone and everything.

It takes you on nonke.

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Making a Dirty Joke and the Only 4 Things I Learned from Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried
Gilbert Gottfried

He is labelled a ‘comedian’s comedian’. I am new to Gilbert Gottfried’s comedy. I first learned of it on Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhof, and later on that of Hugh Hefner. Since then I have been zooming into his acts.

I realised I have seen him before in the movie The Problem Child where he played an adoption agent and in Aladdin as the parrot Iago.

“I have always said my career is somewhere between children’s programming and hard-core porn” Gilbert.

Some say he makes dirty and disgusting jokes. Well he has an album called Dirty Jokes.

I am a total fan of his often number 1 (iTunes) Amazing Colossal Podcast where he interviews personalities with insights into old Hollywood. It can delve into 1960’s actors and comedians.

Here are lessons I take from Gilbert Gottfried. Read more