Free Half Day Entrepreneurship Course for Youth Aged 16 To 25 – BUSINESS ME YOUNG

Come attend BUSINESS ME YOUNG, a half day entrepreneurship course for 16 to 25 year olds interested in entrepreneurship and struggling to get started.

It takes place on the 17th of June 2017 at the Standard Bank Incubator in Rosebank – Johannesburg. It is created and hosted by Tiisetso Maloma, who’s an entrepreneur and author of books such as The Anxious Entrepreneur and Forget the Business Plan Use this Short Model.

It is free for 16 to 25 year olds. Visit Quicket to RSVP. If you are above 25 years and would like to attend, Read more

Tiisetso Maloma interview on The Creative Life Podcast hosted by the UK’s James Taylor

I was guest on The Creative Life Podcast hosted by the UK’s James Taylor. We talked about the startup scene in South Africa, entrepreneurship and creativity amongst several other helpful tips.

Do download and listen to the podcast here

James Taylor (M.B.A. F.R.S.A.) is an international conference speaker, author, coach and consultant on creativity and innovation who believes in the power of good ideas.

STARTING A BUSINESS EASY IN 2017, Free Articles + Request a Business Consultation

You probably have resolved to start a business in 2017. And you know you could do with some helpful tips.

We all know business is not easy.

Funny enough, whenever I hear people say they have resolved to start a business, I always remember a hurtful story that happened to me a few years ago.

I was on a date Read more


Book available at South African bookstores (Exclusive Books, Bargain Books, Protea Books,, | Amazon | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | iBooks

book cover - Tales of an African Entrepreneur

TALES OF AN AFRICAN ENTREPRENEUR is a collection of some of Tiisetso Maloma’s best rated posts spanning over 7 years. He is a parallel entrepreneur, author and writer from South Africa.

In his most-times-anecdotal and uncanny writing, the book shares entrepreneurship and self-help lessons.


Why You Do Qualify to Do Whatever You Want

People are afraid to pursue their ambitions. They think they lack the authority and expertise.

I have seen a lot of them hide behind acquiring further knowledge – be it schooling, attending more conferences, networking. Nothing is wrong with these activities – it is actually bright to do them. Just they should not be an excuse for not starting.

Your background does not determine whether you can do it or not

Steve Jobs was not a Read more

The Reasons Why People Do Not Want You To Follow Your Dreams

These points are extracted from my upcoming book The Anxious Entrepreneur.

People like to dig and analyse people’s background affairs.

A homeboy was saying to me I wouldn’t be pursuing entrepreneurship had my parents not been doing ok. He meant, given otherwise, I would have been forced to take a job to keep things going in the family.

It got me thinking of how fortunate I am.

He has a good job and a family of his own. He badly wants to pursue a business interest of his.

People look at their situations; they find what seemingly impedes Read more

2 Lessons From How Township Businesses Start And Grow

How Township Businesses Start And Grow – I was giving a talk a few weekends ago at an Inspiring Women event. I spoke of the ‘importance of starting small in business. One of the examples I related was on what can be learned from how township businesses are started.

There are a number of reasons someone in the township starts a business. The exemplary world view is a mother starting a business out of the need or desperation to feed one’s family. Be it as it may, ‘passion to enterprise’ is fast overweighing the desperation to make ends meet. People are being exposed on how to offer great value even when in a dire situation.

How Township Businesses Start And Grow

Township business is sometimes looked down on, but it practices brilliant concepts which anyone can use to start and grow their business. However they the township businesses forget to grow and progress further on the very principles.

After the talk, 2 groups of people came to me asking further on the teachings of township business. They found the concept very enlightening and helpful. Read more

The compassion of a business model

Keep going. This is the generally given advice on tackling and choke-slamming doubt, and the feeling of ineptness that creeps in on one, when one’s executed actions towards a goal aren’t proving fruitful.

I did this with gabble heights Clothing, I even paused/abandoned other business pursuits to zone my focus on one unit of enterprise. Months went by; sales weren’t that great or even improving. Other income opportunities were lost of course, now came in the daunting and depressing feeling of not affording one’s self: shelter, food and R45.00 for a six pack of Windhoek beer.

Mentally I wasn’t ok, physically I was doing well (exercise is good for the mind), but I was ‘keep going’. Read more

The bug in South Africa’s economy hindering job creation and prosperity for all

As South Africa’s GDP is the largest, but with more unemployment than some countries with a lesser GDP and with more people. Who then is enjoying a bigger chunk of the GDP? It is foreign investors and elite locals.

The question could be, how then to liberate our GDP so that it’s enjoyed by a deeper percentage of the population.

One could say through intensifying affirmative action especially in the business sector. But that would be missing the point why we aren’t creating jobs. Read more

Lies told to kids about education

I recently posted a tweet saying “education does not create jobs”. Yho; the lambasting I got was of a bull’s rage”. I wonder what wrong I uttered. I say it again “education does not create jobs; or rather our education”.

Having a formal education and being an entrepreneur are separate cases. Yes a doctor can open a private practice. Yes of course he is selling off the education he was taught. The other part is that a non educated fella can start a business. Maybe even a medical practice; where certified doctors operate. I’m sure you get the picture I’m drawing. Read more