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4 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Defuse Anxiety

These points are extracted from my fourth book, The Anxious Entrepreneur.

It was at about 3:35 pm. I felt I was about to faint or have a panic attack. The day was not going well. Over and above, I was overly tired.

It had been weeks since I had any ‘win’. Therefore I needed to hustle people on the phone even if it was 4:00 pm. I was desperate. For goodness’ sake, that time is around knock off time. A business pitch is the last thing they would want to hear.

A rejection email had heightened the panic. All these triggered my mind to think I have no hope: immediately, I time travelled in the past and the future. I saw no advantage of what my past has brought to today and I saw no light in my future.

Below is what I do to counter such episodes.

Women’s creativity saved the world, Jill Scott’s mother and her potatoes

These points are extracted from my upcoming book The Anxious Entrepreneur.

The theme of my upcoming book, The Anxious Entrepreneur, is anxiety defeats creativity and creativity defeats anxiety.

Anxiety and creativity cannot exist in the same space; one must make room for the other.

The other day I was preparing food. I wanted something different to what I usually make or can make. Given the kind of food available, it was a bit tough to think an unusual dish. Plus, my creativity is limited in the kitchen.

August is women’s month in South Africa and this connected to a story I heard Jill Scott share about her mother and upbringing on an interview with Mapaseka Mokwele on KayaFM. 

2 Ways Anxiety Can Affect Entrepreneurs

These points are extracted from my fourth book, The Anxious Entrepreneur.

Becoming spam and a nuisance

When nothing is coming off from your hustle, it can get you ticked off and anxious.

I have experienced this several times. I would start

The Push For Hustling Harder

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We all want a successful life. We believe working hard is one of the ways to get there. I want to investigate the other ways other than hard work; i.e. the attitudes to carry, the rules of engagement to adopt, the urge that drives people to be unreasonable.

A good friend of mine was in town for business