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Artificial Intelligence will turn itself into humans and ultimately will self-destruct #satire


Many people fear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) one day will take over the world – i.e. humans.

5 Quick Reasons for Elon Musk to Come Back Home to South Africa – Thus Leaving America

Hashtag #Satire #ElonMuskComeBackHomeToSouthAfrica #CampaigntoBringElonMuskBackHometoSouthAfrica

Hey dude, yes you Elon (Musk), you need come back home to South Africa.

1.     Smoking weed is now legal across the country –  and not just in a few states/provinces like in America

Why You Do Qualify to Do Whatever You Want

People are afraid to pursue their ambitions. They think they lack the authority and expertise.

I have seen a lot of them hide behind acquiring further knowledge – be it schooling, attending more conferences, networking. Nothing is wrong with these activities – it is actually bright to do them. Just they should not be an excuse for not starting.

Your background does not determine whether you can do it or not

Steve Jobs was not a