10 ways to market books and many other products

I wrote 10 points on how authors can market their books for my other company www.BulaBuka.co.za which converts books into ebooks and distributes to e-store like Amazon, iBookstore, Kobo and others.

But I really think they apply to marketing many other products.

It follows below

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I have sold have sold over a 1000 copies of my 2013 self published book ‘Forget The Business Plan Use This Short Model’ since the start of its marketing in April 2013. This is 600 + ebooks via e-stores such as Amazon, iBookstore, Kobo and others. The other is hardcopies sold straight from me through either couriering or personal meetings.

eBook sales were mostly international. Anyway, for a self published South African, I am proud of these online sales given our ebook market in only now developing. A Kanye West like rant is deserved, so good I should spit Ultramel custard – khotha so hard. It says to me I can do much better this year, which I am hard working on.

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