The Art of Theft and a Montage of How Popular Culture Steals Dance Moves from ZCC’s Mokhukhu Bands

Is it a coincidence that most popular daces today have a resemblance to ZCC (Zion Christian Church) mokhukhu bands’ moves? Check out how the dance looks like here

On that in a minute. [If you are here just for the humour, and not the science of artistic theft, scroll straight to B.] Read more

8 tips on building sharp musicians for the world to consume

1.     Absolute product.

Make your music. The music has to be a consumable product. A product has to represent value; hence you want someone (consumer) to exchange their money for it.

I remember in my DJing days; the vinyl days. Buying a record wasn’t an easy task; at least for me. They cost between R80 to R180; so such a decision was well thought out. I would to listen to the entirety of an LP before deciding to purchase. I scrutinized each second of the LP until I thought it matched the R120 I’m about to fork out. Read more