(FREE TUTORIAL) LEARN HOW TO START A BUSINESS EASY: Finding Your Penetrative Advantages To Starting A Business Given Limited Resources (Lessons Business Plans And School Do Not Teach): You Can Cut Out 80% of the Things You Thought You Needed


In this short-elaborate tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Come up with an easy and simple way to start your business venture
  • Cut out 80% of the things you thought you needed (offices, or something as simple business cards)
  • Feel confident that you can start a business with the little that you have

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This is what business plans do not teach. I call it ‘Finding Penetrative Advantages To Starting A Business Given Limited Resources.’

I will show you how you can start a business without certain things that you think you need, or you deem ideal to enable you to start:

  • It could be funding,
  • It could be finding mentors
  • Or anything else that you deem standing in your way to starting your business venture


I’ve been an entrepreneur for over ten years in this beautiful country of ours (South Africa) and had the most fun – and headaches.

I’ve written four books on the subject of entrepreneurship:  The Anxious Entrepreneur, Forget the Business Plan Use this Short Model, Township Biz Fastrack and Tales of an African Entrepreneur. I’ve started businesses in different industries such as clothing, publishing and technology.

I created and run Business Me Young entrepreneurship workshops. I devised EBC Business Model. My work has featured in platforms such as The Huffington Post, Biz Community, Under 30 CEO and numerous podcasts across the world.

Consequently out of having a multiple of interests, my key skills are:

  • Starting a business with limited resources.
  • Managing anxiety.

So, this is all about “LEARN HOW TO START A BUSINESS EASY” Free Tutorial.