You Might Be Preparing to Get Overly Anxious When You Are in Old Age

[Sir] Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones is 73, has a 6 months old son – Deveraux – apparently conceived on tour, with a 29 year old girlfriend. He is still making music and doing other creative stuff.

Yeah, The Rolling Stones make hundreds of millions touring.

One thing I do not want to be is old and broke or poor. It saddens me when I see old people without any or much financial muscle to buy stuff – either alcohol, clothes, food, helping out their children and/or grandchildren. Their strength and mind renders them unfavourable to job – although not all.

Comedy Takes on Everything

This post is a continuation of this article ‘Spotting the Funny and Surviving Offense’.

Comedy takes on everything: Chauvinism, feminism, religion, atheism, health, disease, skinny people, fat people, presidents, serious issues, taboo topics, hypocrisy, everyone and everything.

It takes you on nonke.

A while ago a famous South African DJ on Twitter said

Spotting the Funny and Surviving Offense

Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project (HBO) Cable TV Special. RIP to this comic legend

Maloma, it shows you do not consider me when coming across chemical engineering job posts,” a homeboy said to me. He long ago dropped out of high school.

There are a number of issues which turn his statement into deliberate humour:

Business Me Young entrepreneurship workshop comes to Pretoria – 1 July 2017, free for youth aged 16 To 25

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7 of Tbo Touch’s Touchdowns: Nuggets for Pursuing Success

Some say Tbo Touch (real name, Thabo Molefe) is annoying on radio as he (formerly on his Metro FM show – Touch 326) talks more about himself.

I wrote this post before he left Metro FM to start his own online radio station with Gareth Cliff – Touchcentral. And now it has changed to Touch HD.

Maybe he is a bit of a narcist. I’ve figured there are great variables

Free Half Day Entrepreneurship Course for Youth Aged 16 To 25 – BUSINESS ME YOUNG

Come attend BUSINESS ME YOUNG, a half day entrepreneurship course for 16 to 25 year olds interested in entrepreneurship and struggling to get started.

It takes place on the 17th of June 2017 at the Standard Bank Incubator in Rosebank – Johannesburg. It is created and hosted by Tiisetso Maloma, who’s an entrepreneur and author of books such as The Anxious Entrepreneur and Forget the Business Plan Use this Short Model.

It is free for 16 to 25 year olds. Visit Quicket to RSVP. If you are above 25 years and would like to attend,

The Luck that Failure Brings and the Gonorrhoea Cure Theory of Discovering Greatness

Below is heartfelt text by a young entrepreneur I believe much in, Mpumi Mtinso, founder of Book a Bicycle operating out in Soweto Vilakazi Street – visiting places such as The Hector Pieterson Museum, Soweto Brewery and Nelson Mandela’s house. To add a pun you shouldn’t excuse, literary if you bring books to them, you will get a discount on a bicycle ride. But I like his creative sarcasm more.

Here is the text:

“A couple weeks before this picture was taken, I was lost and desperate. Every entrepreneur hits a phase in life where they want to give up their dream and give in to a 9-5. So I applied for a job at a ‘creative mag’ and got called in for an interview. Awesome! Didn’t tell any of my family or friends, just my nigga Thulane of Book of Swag because I needed directions, hahaha.

At the interview I was asked where do I see myself in 5 years. My response was, ‘if not at a higher position at this magazine, I see myself, FRONT ROW SEAT MEDIA & BOOK A BICYCLE taking over the world.’ After my this response, one of the ladies interviewing me was impressed and ready to hire a Guluva and the other lady kept saying but your 5 year plan means you going to leave us. Which in my head she was implying that I won’t be getting any promotion in the next coming 5 years. The following day the ladies call me to tell me

I didn’t get the job. Cool. After the call I came back to my senses.

Applied my all to BOOK A BICYCLE and I scored myself a live in studio interview at 5FM.I spoke about BOOK A BICYCLE and other things.

The next week, I’m jamming to 5FM and I hear the same ladies that rejected me at their mag, getting interviewed on the same show as me.

Point of this story is, rejection don’t mean you useless or not worthy. Rejection should open yours eyes to other opportunities. Or like me bring you back to your senses.

O.M.G can’t believe you read this whole story Hahaha.

Go out there and conquer.

The war isn’t over, but lil victories shall be celebrated.”

The Art of Theft and a Montage of How Popular Culture Steals Dance Moves from ZCC’s Mokhukhu Bands

Is it a coincidence that most popular daces today have a resemblance to ZCC (Zion Christian Church) mokhukhu bands’ moves? Check out how the dance looks like here

On that in a minute. [If you are here just for the humour, and not the science of artistic theft, scroll straight to B.]

How Good Teachers Pee

In grade 8 I was in a boarding school. I was new at the school, and so was everyone in my dormitory.

There were three known bedwetters. Only twice was I the fourth – but the unknown. The first time it occurred, I prayed hard that it doesn’t happen again. When it repeated, I stopped relying on prayer and instead used what God gave me – a brain. I got innovative and creative.

My innovation worked. I never

Tiisetso Maloma interview on The Creative Life Podcast hosted by the UK’s James Taylor

I was guest on The Creative Life Podcast hosted by the UK’s James Taylor. We talked about the startup scene in South Africa, entrepreneurship and creativity amongst several other helpful tips.

Do download and listen to the podcast here

James Taylor (M.B.A. F.R.S.A.) is an international conference speaker, author, coach and consultant on creativity and innovation who believes in the power of good ideas.

Pain Transmutation

Serena Williams NY Mag photoshoot

“No, generally I think influence is used as a nice word for plagiarism” – Gilbert Gottfried.

In this post I am jacking Napoleon Hill and Lewis Howes’ ideas and affirming to my own little experience.

I’ve had this article as draft for over a year now. Several times it went into my ‘to delete’ folder, but it becomes truer and truer. So I had to revive it and publish it.

I often hear

The Toilet Reasons Why You Should Do What You Love

Created by Maurizio Cattelan for a Guggenheim Museum rest room. IMAGE COURTESY, DODIE KAZANJIAN

Our minds are always fondling the past and taking guesses of the future – of their glories and misfortunes.

Thoughts of misfortune bear worry and stress.

When I participate in the following activities, my mind is fully present, engaged or lost in the moment. I have no worries