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You probably have resolved to start a business in 2017. And you know you could do with some helpful tips.

We all know business is not easy.

Funny enough, whenever I hear people say they have resolved to start a business, I always remember a hurtful story that happened to me a few years ago.

I was on a date

Tiisetso Maloma Interview on the Creative Warriors Podcast, Nipping Anxiety in the Bud

Creative Warriors Podcast - Tiisetso Maloma

I was a guest on the Creative Warriors Podcast hosted by American entrepreneur and business coach, Jeffrey Shaw.

We had an engaging chat about defeating ‘entrepreneur anxiety’ and the book – ‘The Anxious Entrepreneur.’

Do check out and download the episode here It is episode 255.

How to Have Fun Outside The Education System

Richard Branson quote

This is an extract from ‘The Anxious Entrepreneur’, my latest/fourth book. I dedicate it to Matric Class of 2016.

– –

This chapter is for those who have just finished high school and don’t have the money to further their studies but are hustling hard for it, or those who absolutely do not want to go to varsity.

It is also for those who have just graduated from university, but don’t want to pursue a career related to their qualification, and who want to explore their interests instead.

Those who want to pursue entrepreneurship will find this particularly mind churning.

– –

First, let me get my guilt out of the way.

In 2005, I enrolled for a three year diploma, in accounting, at the University of Johannesburg. I finished it in record time. To be completely truthful

The Reason Black People Frown When Dancing, A Parody of How to Sell South Africa to Tourists

?#?howtosellAfrica ?#?branding ?#?marketing

This is a satiric piece.

Blacks frown when they dance. To outsiders it might seem as though we are angry and full at the same time.


POEM: I am Big Deal, I am Bigger than Race, My Energy is Taking me Places

Yes I am a big deal; I am bigger than race.

My ambitions go beyond race; mine or anyone else’s.

Of course when people lay eyes on me, they see

South African Government Wants to Give You R50 Million – The Most Important Section in our Constitution

Dear citizens I’m hereby doing a job which our government didn’t do so well. Why would they not loudly tell us the good news that they are willing to give us up to R50 million?

A Cruel Lesson from Luther Vandross on How to Stand Out and Create Sensational Impact



Before I show you the cruelty of Mr Luther Ronzoni Vandross, I would like to show you my reverence for this musical genius that left us with phenomenal music.

In many parts

9 Steps to Becoming a Better Nonfiction Writer

Am I a good writer? I want to be. Is my grammar on point? No, it is not.

Do I enjoy writing? Yes, absolutely. Writing is what I do.

Before you go on reading, know this is my personal manifesto for being a good writer. I wrote it for me firstly.

(1).Read fiction

STATE OF NO CAPTURE REPORT 1: How South Africa is Doing Far Better in 2016 Than Ever Before [Satire]

**This is a satiric post.

South Africa is doing far better in 2016. We have a healthy economy, and a strong constitution.

We have an amazing president at the helm of our progressive development.

The Rand is firm and strong. Rating agencies such as Moodys favour us tremendously – over all

How I Lost R90 000 in 2011 and Still Miss it When I Am Broke

I am on a promotion of fourth and latest book, ‘The Anxious Entrepreneur’. Do check it out.

When broke, don’t you sometimes ponder upon the monies you had in the past, the deals missed and those you said no to?

Today I am doing that. I am expecting monies to come through and even those funds are budgeted for different projects. I want more to put into current and others. What I mean here is I am future broke.

Money multiplies

The Neurological Effect of Sister Bethina on Black People and The Beatles’ way

This post is either borderline satire or truth, I could not decide at the time of writing. All I know is that it is my sign of appreciation. 

Doctors, mechanics, professors, the unemployed, politicians; whoever they are – if they are black and South African, Mgarimbe’s ‘Sister Bethina’ makes their world go steady-wild and crazy. Like LSD did to the youth of the 70s, but in this 4 plus minute song. Like how white people go crazy when Earth Wind & Fire’s ‘September’ plays – only rhythmically, ghostly and crazier.

It heightens our ratchet consciousness. It is our endorphin releaser. It cuts across professional

Introducing the ‘Book Selfie’ Icon, a Tool for Authors to Promote their Books

Self published authors are always looking for ways to market their books further and better.

An intuitive tactic which has helped promote and get further sales for my books was when people took pictures with them and posted on Social Media. Their friends and connections would see them, enquire and place orders.

And while I was about to launch my fourth and latest book – The Anxious Entrepreneur, an idea hit me to create an icon which encourages the above, i.e. an icon that requests or prompts readers to take pictures with my book/s and post on Social Media – in tern promoting the book/s.

I call the icon the ‘Book Selfie.’ You insert it in the first few pages of the book, ideally right after the Table of Contents.

Here is how it looks like:


And here is another design…


Here is me being my own model of the #BookSelfie…

Book Selfie

Go ahead test out the Book Selfie icon and let me know how it plays out.


We want to create a free gallery of Book Selfie icons for any author to use. Do your own designs and submit them to this email address

We are also working on emojis and stickers of the Book Selfie. They will be available on iTunes under eKhayamoji.

He are other designs…


Take a #BookSelfie with the book you are currently reading!! Share on Social Media…