South Africa today greatly challenged outside Apartheid

Thanks to our struggle heroes, today we can utter ‘us’ in reference to black, white, coloured, Indian and the other races that make South Africa.

Apartheid has done disfavour to the progress of South Africans, more especially to blacks. Undeniably, apartheid was about economics, favouring one race and brutalising others.

Post 1994, we have worked hard to achieve ‘us’ in reference to all races of South Africa. Social programmes and economic programmes were devised to rid the harm that apartheid and colonialism had endorsed.

Of importance in building South Africa is not only ‘bringing us together’ and affirmative empowerment, but mainly forward peering economic development models and innovations. Affirmative empowerment can’t thrive outside holistic economic growth. Black economic empowerment through government tenders should not, as it is, disrespect private South African economic growth. Read more

8 tips on building sharp musicians for the world to consume

1.     Absolute product.

Make your music. The music has to be a consumable product. A product has to represent value; hence you want someone (consumer) to exchange their money for it.

I remember in my DJing days; the vinyl days. Buying a record wasn’t an easy task; at least for me. They cost between R80 to R180; so such a decision was well thought out. I would to listen to the entirety of an LP before deciding to purchase. I scrutinized each second of the LP until I thought it matched the R120 I’m about to fork out. Read more

Mandela did not sell out; De Klerk and company were pulling

I’m sure most of you saw an article on Mandela’s birthday; titled “Mandela sold blacks out” via News24. I could feel the pain the fella was spilling into the post. Either you sympathized with it; were disgusted by it or felt neutral. Nonetheless it pointed out real points that have a fundamental bearing on the South African economy.

The CODESA negotiations had a number of outcomes which of course directed South Africa’s political and economic future.

Land was to be redistributed per the model known as willing buyer willing seller, private property was to be constitutionally protected, new bill of rights and the South African Reserve Bank remained in private hands.

The Convention of Democratic South Africa produced what it produced and at the same time didn’t produce some aspirations. In many senses our struggle heroes tried their best. Kudos to them! Read more

Surprise surprise – the cure to unemployment

Whenever we talk of unemployment, we tend to miss what primarily runs economies and employs people: commercial products by those people called entrepreneurs.

These products then employ human skills. So therefore, for more unemployed human capital to be utilized in the economy, we need more and new entrepreneurs to introduce their product ideas. Economic products lead in controlling the employment of human skills.

The two major problems in South Africa in terms of creating employment Read more

What maybe government officials don’t know

What makes a country go round and bigger or smaller.

The government is those folks that get to spend what citizen pay as tax: call it VAT, payee, company tax etc. They spend what we voluntarily or rather involuntarily pay.  Sometimes they take it from your employers; sometimes when you buy something at the shops. They take it and they spent it.

Do government officials Read more

Kanye “made in America” is some gospel; no swearing dude

I finally decide to listen to Watch The Throne; Jay Z and Kanye West’s collaboration album. I come across this song “made in America” which features Frank Ocean on the hook. OH LORD this is an amazing record.

The chorus terribly hooks me; it goes like “Sweet King Martin, sweet Queen Coretta, Sweet Brother, Malcolm, sweet Queen Betty, Sweet Mother Mary, sweet Father Joseph, Sweet Jesus, we made it in AmericaSweet baby Jesus, oh sweet baby Jesus” . This is a religious song. This is a holy song. It’s a nigga spiritual. Black people; formerly slaves; now making it hard in the US of A; that got to be celebrated.

There is a line where Kanye West goes “this This ain’t no fashion show ****mothafucka, we live it”. Mr West why do you have to swear on this blessed song. Nigga please; wipe that “motherfucker” off the song. LOL



Great brand components

It all starts with an idea to create a product; then making the product. The second stage is selling that product (sales and marketing). This is where most businesses have it hard. It is a very important and crucial stage; a stage at which you have an opportunity to connect your product with society.

Here are the components that make a great product

  1. Honest product

As said above; it begins with an idea for a product; to making that product.  That’s how everything starts. Be proud of your ideas. Read more

The attitude that let apartheid persist still prevails

17 years into the so called democracy; a lot has been done but more is still not done. Poverty and unemployment are scourges that still thug our society.

Of recent was the successful economic freedom march which travelled from Johannesburg CBD, to Sandton then finally Pretoria. A distance of approximately 60km travelled over 24 hours straight. Young man and women; mostly unemployed; took part in the march. Read more

What social media should or can achieve for your brands

Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and now Google+. Is your organisation using any of these? What are the expectations or goals for using social media networks?

To some extend some companies are just on social media because it’s the thing to do these days.

While some that are not using this new phenomenon are so because they do not get what they can achieve with it. Read more