Introducing the ‘Book Selfie’ Icon, a Tool for Authors to Promote their Books

Self published authors are always looking for ways to market their books further and better.

An intuitive tactic which has helped promote and get further sales for my books was when people took pictures with them and posted on Social Media. Their friends and connections would see them, enquire and place orders.

And while I was about to launch my fourth and latest book – The Anxious Entrepreneur, an idea hit me to create an icon which encourages the above, i.e. an icon that requests or prompts readers to take pictures with my book/s and post on Social Media – in tern promoting the book/s.

I call the icon the ‘Book Selfie.’ You insert it in the first few pages of the book, ideally right after the Table of Contents.

Here is how it looks like:


And here is another design…


Here is me being my own model of the #BookSelfie…

Book Selfie

Go ahead test out the Book Selfie icon and let me know how it plays out.


We want to create a free gallery of Book Selfie icons for any author to use. Do your own designs and submit them to this email address

We are also working on emojis and stickers of the Book Selfie. They will be available on iTunes under eKhayamoji.

He are other designs…


Take a #BookSelfie with the book you are currently reading!! Share on Social Media…