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Where to Get Help for Anxiety, Depression and Suicide

Since publishing ‘The Anxious Entrepreneur’, I’ve been making interesting contacts with people.

I am not a professional anxiety, depression and suicide expert.

If you believe you suffer from anxiety, depression and are having suicidal thoughts, I humbly request that you get help from a trained professional. These are serious conditions you need to attend urgently.

So below follows places to find such help:


The organisations below

Another Source of Depression

I have always been entrepreneurial. On two separate occasions as a kid I had vegetable gardens. On each, my grandmother, and later her daughter (my mother), gave away almost all my produce and thus succeeded in liquidating my intended businesses. I guess my mother got it from her mother – my grandmother gave it to her daughter.

Among the other things I aspired to be was Jean Claude Van Damme. I didn’t want to be Chuck Norris because he had bushy chest hair. I am 30 today, with medium chest hair. It is even turning white.

How my story should be is: he grew up poor, went to university; he then ventured into business, struggled for a bit of time and then became very successful. “He

[My] 7 Top Articles Helpful to Entrepreneurs in Admitting and Dealing With Anxiety and Depression

From all levels of start-up to big success in entrepreneurship, there exists a dark cloud often not talked about. It is anxiety and depression.

At worst, I’ve read stories of very successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs committing suicide.

Entrepreneurship can be gruesome.

You Might Be Preparing to Get Overly Anxious When You Are in Old Age

[Sir] Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones is 73, has a 6 months old son – Deveraux – apparently conceived on tour, with a 29 year old girlfriend. He is still making music and doing other creative stuff.

Yeah, The Rolling Stones make hundreds of millions touring.

One thing I do not want to be is old and broke or poor. It saddens me when I see old people without any or much financial muscle to buy stuff – either alcohol, clothes, food, helping out their children and/or grandchildren. Their strength and mind renders them unfavourable to job – although not all.

Tiisetso Maloma interview on Baby Got Booked Podcast – How to Stop Anxiety from Holding You Back



I got interviewed on the Baby Got Booked Podcast, hosted by Canadian entrepreneur and PR expert – Geeta Nadkarni.

I had much fun talking about themes for reducing anxiety in one’s entrepreneurship hustle, and my book – The Anxious Entrepreneur. Geeta is just awesome.

Click here to download the podcast.

N.B. It was before the book came out.

14 Stoicism Quotes that Help Heal Anxiety

This is an extract from my latest and fourth book, The Anxious Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is a nerve wracking business. Entrepreneurs are always anxious about multiple things. They have goals and therefore expectations, but it is known that things cannot go according to one’s wishes, plans, desires, needs or desperation all the time.

Expectations are rarely met and subconsciously, when they aren’t, we are shaken. It is an opportune window for anxiety or even depression to set in, depending on the severity or extent of the misfortune.

10 Quotes to Help You Deal with Worry and Anxiety

This is an extract from my latest and fourth book, The Anxious Entrepreneur.

The following are some of my favourite quotes which, I believe, more or less speak to that anxiety defeats creativity and also that creativity can defeat anxiety.

 “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace” -Randy Armstrong.

To have peace today, you have to do the things that have meaning to you and help you to fulfil a part of you.

If your passion is to sing, but you work at a call centre, sing in the morning or after work – everyday or any number of days in the week.

I have learned

A Book Helping Entrepreneurs Defeat Anxiety and Stress through Creativity, THE ANXIOUS ENTREPRENEUR

Find it on Amazon, Apple iBookstore and  For print book orders within South Africa, click here to order.

cover - The Anxious Entrepreneur

– –


Over time, our anxiety builds up; it either implodes or explodes. My anxiety has gotten me to that point several times.

I’m Tiisetso Maloma and I am an Anxious Entrepreneur. Through the years I have stumbled across, and even formulated, some anxiety-defusing techniques.

Entrepreneurship is nerve wrecking, especially when things are not going according to your plan. This is probably most of the time.

The Man who Fed his Child with the Face of the Mother, A Metaphor for Creativity

The Joker

No, it wasn’t The Joker.

4 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Defuse Anxiety

These points are extracted from my fourth book, The Anxious Entrepreneur.

It was at about 3:35 pm. I felt I was about to faint or have a panic attack. The day was not going well. Over and above, I was overly tired.

It had been weeks since I had any ‘win’. Therefore I needed to hustle people on the phone even if it was 4:00 pm. I was desperate. For goodness’ sake, that time is around knock off time. A business pitch is the last thing they would want to hear.

A rejection email had heightened the panic. All these triggered my mind to think I have no hope: immediately, I time travelled in the past and the future. I saw no advantage of what my past has brought to today and I saw no light in my future.

Below is what I do to counter such episodes.

2 Ways Anxiety Can Affect Entrepreneurs

These points are extracted from my fourth book, The Anxious Entrepreneur.

Becoming spam and a nuisance

When nothing is coming off from your hustle, it can get you ticked off and anxious.

I have experienced this several times. I would start