Two Public Speaking Techniques That Can Immediately Improve Horrible Speakers: Observed From Great Speakers Such As Rory Sutherland, Malcolm X And Nelson Mandela

The following speaking techniques were observed from great speakers such as Malcolm X, Rory Sutherland, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and John Malkovich.

I call these techniques the Full-Up-Bounce Speaking Method.

A lot of people are scared of public speaking:

  • They have amazing content in their hearts.
  • They have difficulty sharing it in public.
  • They get very nervous and sometimes mess things up.

I used to be like that.

I practiced. I am very better.

The following method can with definitely help you become an effective public speaker.

1.  Pronounce words in full, i.e. every syllable

I was watching a Ted talk of Rory Sutherland. He is an amazing orator.

Then something in my mind triggered. I realised he pronounces words in full.

I quickly realized that other great speakers like Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela and John Malkovich have a tendency of pronouncing words in full.

I learned from pickup artists that when a person is nervous, they speak fast because they are scared that their audience will find them boring and turn their attention away.

It is a turn off. Especially to women.

When you speak fast because you are nervous, you swallow and mumble over syllables and words.

So you need to relax and be in control.

Pronouncing words in full relaxes you and allows you to be in control and look confident.

It allows your vocabulary and mind to have space and time to supply your tongue with needed words.

Think of it visually like this: When you speak fast because you are nervous, your vocabulary runs out of buffer and your tongue gets stuck.

Also don’t be afraid to take pauses. Pauses are great for allowing your audience to digest what you’ve said.

So relax, pronounce words in full if you if you feel you are getting nervous and stick.

You don’t have to do it all the time. It is a base.

Another thing about pronouncing words in full is it slows you down and allows your brain to conceive add-ons –e.g. jokes – that you can plug in and spice up your speaking.

Another thing about pronouncing words in full is, pronounce and stress the last syllables of words high up.

I observed this also from Nelson Mandela and Rory Sutherland.

For example: When saying the word ‘wonderful’, pronounce it in full and upwardly stress the last one or two syllables, i.e. “wonderfUL”.

– –

You don’t need to do this all the time; you can do it more so with the last word of a sentence.

2.  Talk with a bounce

Malcolm X, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela talked with a bounce, and this helped them flow, or at least sound like it.

Talking with a bounce allows a stutter and an ‘ehmm’ to sound planned and rhythmic.

Rory Sutherland does this.

This allows you to get into rhythm.

Learn technique number 1 first. Number 2 is supplementary.

Of course, with anything, practice is necessary. Practice practice pracitce.

Let me know how it goes.

That’s it for the Full-Up-Bounce Speaking Method (FUBS).