Upcoming book – African B2C Millions by Tiisetso Maloma

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AFRICAN B2C MILLIONS sees townships and ghettos as special and scientific economies; and with advantages favourable to young black entrepreneurs. It features research, insights, patterns and forecast by Tiisetso Maloma and various other contributors from around the world.

For the advantage and education of African entrepreneurs, the book interrogates insights on how startup B2C entrepreneurs in the world are winning consumers over – even from big business dominated markets.

The short booklet Tonwship Biz Adjacent was a 20 percent precursor to African B2C Millions – where the latter is the 80 percent. Township Biz Adjacent is the ‘why to’ and African B2C Millions is the elaborate ‘how to.’

Tonwship Biz Adjacent illustrated adjoining possibilities of townships and ghettos as goldmines ready to be exploited by and favourable to young black and entrepreneurs – especially of B2C (Business to Consumer) and FCMG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products.  It also explores why townships and ghettos are scientifically:

  • a goldmine for making millions in money – mutually inclusive to the following;
  • and young black B2C entrepreneurs (and the aspiring) are favourably adjoined or networked to this huge possibility (I call these entrepreneurs BB2BC businesses: Black Business to Black Consumers),
  • meaning they stand a better chance to make wealth in extreme proportions from townships and ghettos than older black entrepreneurs have been able to achieve,
  • better than any other race group;
  • and have a better advantage if their products have a ‘Spaza Metrical’
  • Townships and ghettos are an ’Economic Cyclone.

Pre-order book on Apple iBooks or Smashwords.