Call for fictional short stories that teach children about entrepreneurship

Call for fictional short stories that teach children about entrepreneurship

Press Release

Author and entrepreneur Tiisetso Maloma is calling for the submission of fictional short stories that teach children about entrepreneurship.

Selected stories will go into a book compilation which he will publish into national bookstores.

Tiisetso Maloma is an entrepreneur and the author of business 7 books. He recently released ‘Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily’ and ‘Innovate the Next.’

He says putting out fictional stories that teach children about entrepreneurship has always been one of his visions.

Tiisetso’s other books include ‘Forget the Business Plan Use this Short Model,’ ‘Township Biz Fastrack’ and The Anxious Entrepreneur. They are all available in bookstores.

The call is open to any person of any age – child or adult. Writers under 18 years of age will need their parents or legal guardians to submit the entry for them.

“The stories should feature elements of one of the characters starting a business, and with focus on product development, marketing, distribution, funding and the handling of finances. They should infuse elements of starting with little capital, motivation, creativity and dealing with challenges.”

“’The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho is a good reference of what I am looking for, even though it is a novel,” says Maloma.

He further says a quick read of his free booklet ‘How to Start a Business Simple & Easy’ will give better direction of what the stories should feature.

The free booklet can be downloaded here.

To submit a story, click here. Entries are open until 30 September 2021. Selected writers will be contacted in October 2021. Further queries can be directed to

The book will be published through his publishing company Maloma Content.

Tiisetso has been one of the foremost bloggers of entrepreneurship content in South Africa for the last 10 years. He has been an entrepreneur for 12 years and his founded and co-founded startups include Maloma Content Publishers, Bula Buka, Startup Picnic, Gabble Heights Clothing and eKhaya Moji. He is also an advisor at Atimeme App.