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First, you must find a sugar daddy or sugar mama.

Of course I AM KIDDING!

Funding your business is your responsibility and no else’s.

This is Africa and there is no abundance of funding.

To fund your business, do the following:

Fund it with your income

You don’t have an income?

Do the following:

Get a skill

You don’t have a skill that can make you money?

Then you better get skills; i.e. more than one skill.

One or more of your skills has to be able to earn you money quickly, i.e. it must be for services needed often, possibly photography or baking.

Teach yourself a skill or take a short course. I guess if you cannot afford a course you had better teach yourself that skill – and other skills. The internet is full of courses – even free ones (it is your job to find out where they are offered and which one interests you). YouTube is one of the best places to start.

If one skill is not making money for you, another skill may be more successful, or all of your skills can make you money.

Or do this: execute a money-making opportunity

Host an event. Sell another person’s product. Just do something.

Sell Herbalife or Forever Living Products (I don’t know who in your life will fund you to buy stock of these things, but asking your parents, uncle, boyfriend or girlfriend to lend you the money to buy these products should be easier than expecting it for free).

Get a job

A job is that thing which pays you a regular salary and with that salary, you can fund your business.

If you have a job, then brilliant, fund your venture.

It’s called flipping

The above is called flipping. You have a goal that needs money, so you raise the money by making money in other ways to fund the execution of your goal.

Waiting for someone, or some institution, will hold you back. In fact it is not it holding you back, it is you holding you back.

You: My business idea is too expensive for me to fund even with a salary

Well, good luck with getting funding. I mean it.

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You can do the above things to raise funds and look for funding at the same time. But I can tell you now that it might not happen and it won’t be anyone’s fault. No one owes you funding; not your parents, not the government and not society in general.

My case

I realise now that I’ve self-funded – some partly, others fully – all the ventures I’ve ever pursued; be it publishing my books, publishing other authors, making clothes, etc.

How? I got jobs – at a call centre and as a bookkeeper. I taught myself many skills: graphic design, web design, writing, DJ’ing (I never got paid for DJ’ing but was paid for hiring out my sound equipment), editing books, etc.

Even now I am doing a few jobs I don’t like, in order to raise money for the ventures I do enjoy. At the same time, I continue to apply for funding from banks and government funding institutions.

Take heart in the fact that, often even the successful entrepreneurs you admire are trying to organise additional funding for a venture they cannot afford with just their own money.


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