Celebrity Business Class: DJ Zinhle Becomes Equity Owner In French Wine Brand Boulevard Nectar Rosé (Analysis Per the Convenience Metrical Interest Method)

DJ Zinhle – Ntombezinhle Jiyane – last week announced that she has become an equity owner in French-owned Boulevard wine, and that she is the new CEO.

I had never heard of Boulevard before this announcement – well because I don’t know a lot of things.

Certainly, I have never heard of a local South African celebrity acquiring ownership shares in an international company – or even a local one and or on that scale.

I remember in 2018 she was the South African celebrity partner for Jamie Foxx’s sunglass brand, Privé Revaux. Beautiful sunglasses they make.

She is absolutely formidable as a DJ and entrepreneur.

On the entrepreneurship side, well first, crafting a career as a DJ is in more ways an entrepreneurial endeavour.

Her entrepreneurship endeavours I can trace are:

  • FUSE Music Academy (DJ school)
  • Jiyane Atelier (they make furniture) (2019)
  • Era By DJ Zinhle (makes watches and accessories)

In the words of Master P – alongside Kanye West in a picture: ‘product and ownership outweigh talent.’

Zinhle, certainly, goes for that ownership.

Although I do not know what ‘CEO’ necessarily means in this deal, ownership is power.

I tried to Google more information on Boulevard, surprisingly I found nothing newsy about it for 2019.

This is why maybe she negotiated ownership, as definitely she will be an asset to it.

The brand is well distributed across the country it seems.

People this weekend will be buying Boulevard Nectar Rosé. Hence I say she is an asset to it.

Her social media following is as follows:

  • Twitter, 3 million
  • Facebook, 1.4 million
  • Instagram, 3.5 million

And general press wise, she can get coverage at any media outlet she wants, e.g. magazine, YouTube shows, newspaper, etc.

She often trends for trivial things – and that sometimes have nothing to do with her. I guess these social media algorithms favour her.

What I am saying here is she bears value and influence.

Why it liquor is a smart investment choice: Liquor has a higher ‘Convenience Metrical Interest or Advantage’

  • In the book Township Biz Adjacent, I define a product with a Spaza Metrical Interest or Advantage, as a product that is more often a B2C (Business to Consumer) and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) product than a B2B (Business to Business) product – and one that has an advantage over other products in that it has more than one demographic, as well as intervallic interests and uses.
  • 9/10 people in front of you drink liquor and maybe even 8/10 women in front of you drink wine.
  • Therefore these are repeating customers, weekly to monthly (if not daily as a few do).
  • And thus it is weekly money (sales)
  • So her customers are plenty.
  • A liquor brand has one recipe that is produced over and over again as long as there is demand.
  • It’s unlike clothing brands as they require several new designs every three or so months.
  • All in all they will be generating sales daily, with a product that they don’t change. It is plug, play, and repeat onwards.

On her part (why it is smarter)

  • She has partnered with an existing company that has running processes, manufacturing and distribution.
  • Probably she did not pay over a cent for the equity – because she is bringing the sales influence – and that is way smart.
  • The bottle retails at around R199. It is a price even more people can afford, and still maintain prestige (Krone is till prestigious at under R190), unlike sparkling wine that retails at plus R400.

To further illustrate how ‘Convenience Metrical Interest’ works, let’s compare roll-on deodorant with a book

  • Roll-on is different from a book in that its use and purchase is intervallic and repetitive.
  • Whereas a book is bought once, read, possibly read again and then shelved when done with it, or maybe even given away.
  • Chances are rare that you will buy that same book again, and you will definitely not buy it monthly like you would a roll-on.
  • It is with these advantages shown regarding roll-on, that I say it has better metrical interests or advantages than a book.

Liquor also has high Convenience Metrical Interest or Advantage.

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