Entrepreneurs’ Immediate Anxiety Cheat Sheet

Entrepreneurs Immediate Anxiety Cheat Sheet

Entrepreneurs Immediate Anxiety Cheat Sheet – “I am feeling deeply overwhelmed, a headache is knocking, and I am getting flushes of anxiety. I know I should do the following below but I try to reason that I have important things to get done…”

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Entrepreneurs Immediate Anxiety Cheat Sheet

If you are feeling stressed right now, and/or getting flushes of anxiety, do one of the following. Don’t reason.

I will not explain why – just do. Trust me your mind is exaggeration things and thus your body feels strain.

You don’t have to do something right now about your (ideate) problems. Exercise this power. Don’t let ‘have to’ take power away from you.

You won’t get perspective by forcing it.

1.      Fucken stop working

2.      Take a nap right now. Say “F this I am sleeping”

3.      Watch a movie

4.      Read a fictional book

5.      Take a walk

6.      If you can’t fall asleep, watch a boring movie and fall asleep on it

7.      Say this just loud enough to hear yourself: “I am fucken stressed by the hustle, and I am taking a break from work right now”

8.      Get vulnerable. Call confidant and say “I feel like shit”

9.      Do one of your hobbies. Mine is DJ’ing, yours could be playing TV games

10.  “I know in my heart that my mind is exaggerating my strain, and therefore I will not give this strain power by trying to think of solutions right now”

Doing nothing it seems is a battle entrepreneurs don’t want to win.

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If you believe you suffer from anxiety, depression and are having suicidal thoughts, I humbly request that you get help from a trained professional. These are serious conditions you need to attend urgently. I am not a professional anxiety, depression and suicide expert.

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I’ve written plenty on anxiety and depression, from an entrepreneur’s perspective. Below follows some of the articles [but please don’t read them now. Leave that for tomorrow].

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