Get this book for free. ‘The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox’ by David Chislett

My good friend (and unofficial mentor), David Chislett, has penned a very helpful book.

A few years ago when he was in South Africa to visit his family, we met up. And he gave me some great advice I still carry today. The advice was, if you have actively been executing ideas for years, YOU NEED A BREAK AT SOME POINT. Or you will break and burn.

The title of the book is The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox.’

And guess WHAT? He is availing it as a free download. Click here to go and download it.

“Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, or just thinking about going out on your own, this small book is jam packed with tips and tricks and useful strategies to keep you sane and healthy while making a success of your business idea.

This is not a business advice handbook or pocket MBA. It is designed to help anyone who works for themselves or owns their own business, deal with the very real emotional and psychological challenges that come with being a self-starter in a business world dominated by huge corporates.”

Portrait by Andrew Chislett

At some point, he had reached that pinnacle where he had been executing ideas nonstop, for over ten years. And myself I was approaching that point. He gave me a lot of other tips. They came in handy as I was writing The Anxious Entrepreneur (book).

I’ve known David since 2009 while I was working at Meerkat Media and starting my entrepreneurship journey. He was a freelancer and entrepreneur with many years of experience. I’ve learned a lot from him and everyone in that office since then.

David is, as he says, a writer, trainer and speaker who operates at the intersection of entrepreneurship, creativity and communications.”

Find out more about David Chislett here.

He has written four other books including ‘1, 2, 1, 2: The Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry,’ which also is available as a free download (How amazing is that? Tell your music business friends to download it here for free).

Download The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox.’ You definitely gain a lot from it.