You Might Be Preparing to Get Overly Anxious When You Are in Old Age

[Sir] Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones is 73, has a 6 months old son – Deveraux – apparently conceived on tour, with a 29 year old girlfriend. He is still making music and doing other creative stuff.

Yeah, The Rolling Stones make hundreds of millions touring.

One thing I do not want to be is old and broke or poor. It saddens me when I see old people without any or much financial muscle to buy stuff – either alcohol, clothes, food, helping out their children and/or grandchildren. Their strength and mind renders them unfavourable to job – although not all.

My guess is if you keep active physically and mentally throughout the years till old age, you would remain economically active like Jagger.

One time I was chilling with an approaching 90-years-old sweetheart, an elder of my elders. One of the kids was swinging on her washing-line pole. I then challenged another kid if she could do the same. A second later the kid was showing me that she can. Kids being kids, they over do it. I then realise I am an adult and should reprimand them, which I did.

The old lady, who by the way has gone totally blind with age, inquires what’s going on. I bring her up to speed. Right away she yells at them, with a screeching tone, as if she can see the misbehaviour. Reading her face and tone of voice, their misbehaviour registers some sort of venomous train on her.

It is like over the years she has been training to get overly angry like this.

Minutes later she was laughing with the kids.

I’ve seen my grandmother do the same. I do not know if they are conscious of their screeching anger – I hope they are just acting. One thing for sure, they are conscious of the love and embrace they need to give their grandchildren.

When I get to her age, if He allows, I want to do cool things. I don’t want to be overly anxious when kids get up to kid-like mischief. I want to act (pretend) angry and anxious.

I also want to swear heavily. I hope I will be famous, so to swear on radio and TV. Old folks get away with a lot and anyone who goes after them is an arse.

Some years back I went to see a musical starring Bro Hugh Masekela. In one of the scenes, his line was “FUCK”. It felt so surreal, considering his age and wisdom. I liked it. It was one of my favourite parts in the play.

I am working on being ok financially, reducing my stress levels, practicing stoicism. When I am 80, I want to understand that kids will be kids (naughty) and adults will be (liars, horny, backstabbing, and whatever – good or bad).