How teachers should pee to be great educators

In grade 8 I was in a boarding school. I was new at the school, and so was everyone in my dormitory.

There were three known bedwetters. Only twice was I the fourth – but the unknown. The first time it occurred, I prayed hard that it doesn’t happen again. When it repeated, I stopped relying on prayer and instead used what God gave me – a brain. I got innovative and creative.

My innovation worked. I never wet my bed again. And for the rest of the year, I was one of those making fun of the three known bed wetting squad.

What I did was I stuffed an underwear in the underwear I wore, so that I if peed, I would wet not the bed but the stuffed underwear. I did that for a whole year. Genius, isn’t it?

The funny thing is I never wet my bed again. I guess He answers in his own time.

Who cares about ‘good teachers’? Not a lot of people probably. But say ‘How Good Teachers Pee’, you get a reaction. People would rather buy the newspaper with the headline “rhino poacher gets killed” than “maths teacher gets an international award.”

I guess I tricked you to click this article.

A teacher could be any person, a school teacher or a parent.

There are really a good number of straits a good teacher is said to have. I would like to point to those that I think are crucial.

Here is ‘how good teachers pee’, a metaphor for ‘what good teachers ought to have’:

Self deprecation

Good teachers are those not afraid to share that they wet their beds past primary school.

No one is perfect. I find it hard to trust anyone who paints an all perfect picture about themselves.

A good teacher should easily be able to trace their mishaps in life.


The best teachers I have had are those who have not been afraid to pull their guts out and show the scars, those that aren’t afraid to explicitly share their loser days. Those that don’t only wear the success mask.

They could be virtual mentors or otherwise.

They are people you can talk to in person, or consume their advice virtually via blog posts, books, video, etc.

To me these are people like Richard Branson and James Altucher.

Tricky (catchy)

It goes without saying, like I just did above, that good teachers need a hook to catch attention.

This is a world where so many things are calling for people’s attention. Even good teachers need to learn how to catch ‘attention’, – ‘bad teachers’ know this.