The Toilet Reasons Why You Should Do What You Love

Created by Maurizio Cattelan for a Guggenheim Museum rest room. IMAGE COURTESY, DODIE KAZANJIAN

Our minds are always fondling the past and taking guesses of the future – of their glories and misfortunes.

Thoughts of misfortune bear worry and stress.

When I participate in the following activities, my mind is fully present, engaged or lost in the moment. I have no worries. In the comments section, share yours.

4. Brushing teeth

I think of nothing when I brush me teeth. My mind gets lost in the activity.

Do you not stain the arm of your toothbrush with the toothpaste when brushing? I do. The foam would be sliding down the brush onto my hand. I have to rinse it afterwards.

Now Somizi Mhlongo in the Department of Water and Sanitation’s Save Water ad, he pushes the dude wasting water, takes his toothbrush and throws it in the basin. I want to know why the guys’ brush doesn’t have paste stain. How does he brush? I find it disgusting to touch anyone’s toothbrush, especially in their moment of brushing.

3. During The Number Two

I thought of the idea of this article while in the loo.

I never think of any bad thoughts while doing The Number Two. This is because dopamine releases as I am being in this sacred and relaxed state. That is when creativity starts running.

2. Sex

This is debatable.

Some people are present in the moment, while others have their thoughts outside the room, car or wherever it is they do it. Some imagine other people. Wherever the mind is at that particular time, I doubt it is in mental vain.

Headaches disappear during sex.

When having sex, people have good thoughts, whether they are present in the moment or imagining someone else.

1. Find what you love, do it at least three days every week to reach full present consciousness

When I write, my mind is fully present. It searches the past only for inspiration, content and perspective. The past’s pains do not colonise it.

I love writing for this reason.

Find what you love and do it at least three days in every week – to get fulfilment.