Although We Hate eTolls, Here are 4 Wonderful Things About Them

“I hate e-tolls, you hate e-tolls, we all hate e-tolls”. We all know who said these famous revolutionary words.

No one wants to be tolled for utilizing a road; especially one which was previously free to use. These people just painted the road darker and made expensive loans on our behalf. Now they expect us to pay for them. What sickness is this?

e-tolls will fail for sure.

Now look at your monthly bank statement, consider the ever rising standard of living; you have to own an iPhone 7. Which bill do you scrap off? Is it DSTV, your kid’s crèche fees, or is it e-tolls? By unanimous vote, it is e-tolls.

Although we hate e-tolls, here is a list of amazing things about them:

1.    Use the statements as Proof of Residence

Even if you do not pay them, they will send you a bill. With this bill, you can use it as Proof of Residence when doing your compliance with various entities, e.g. opening a clothing account.

Imagine using a statement of account with arrears to open another credit account? The teller will look at you funny. But with an eToll statement, she (or he for that matter) will smile a nod.

Capitec Bank can now rest. A lot of people use their Capitec statements as a Proof of Residence.

2.    You can get rich

Now we know that as long as you can befriend a politician – come government official, you can convince them to tender a senseless project like e-tolls and thus become rich. Partnering with an Australian firm will leverage things up. South Africa is alive with possibilities.

3.    Demonstrate to your crush that you have a car

e-tolls enable you to let anyone who should know – that you have a car, e.g. your crush. Who wants a girlfriend without a car anyway?

You can just say “damn, my eToll bill for the month came to R1200 but the Lord knows I won’t bother settling it.”

If he knows you have a car and you inbox him, giiiirrl – he will reply instantly!

4.    Exercise your creative muscle

Thanks to e-tolls, I can exercise my creative muscle and deeply think of the advantages they bring.