STARTING A BUSINESS EASY IN 2017, Free Articles + Request a Business Consultation

You probably have resolved to start a business in 2017. And you know you could do with some helpful tips.

We all know business is not easy.

Funny enough, whenever I hear people say they have resolved to start a business, I always remember a hurtful story that happened to me a few years ago.

I was on a date with a very gorgeous lady. While in my presence, she posted on her Facebook that “she is dead bored on a date”. I happened to check Facebook and I came across her post. I even didn’t confront her.

The silly me then formulated a model on how to find a girlfriend without spending too much on dates. People love this model very much.

Inadvertently, this model works brilliantly as an analogy for starting a business. It has saved me thousands of Rands. It will too save you some hurt and money.

I have prepared a collection of articles I wrote over the years that give great and insightful tips on starting a business.

Click here to download the ‘STARTING A BUSINESS EASY IN 2017’ tips.


Download the EBC Business Model Checklist here


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Would you like a business consultation on the venture you would like to start or have started? Read below…


I have been an entrepreneur (still am) in South Africa for 10 years. I have written four books: THE ANXIOUS ENTREPRENEUR, TOWNSHIP BIZ FASTRACK, FORGET THE BUSINESS PLAN USE THIS SHORT MODEL AND TALES OF AN AFRICAN ENTREPRENEUR.

I have had a wild time as an entrepreneur, starting many businesses in many industries: clothing, marketing, consulting, publishing, events, and many others.

Entrepreneurship has been excruciatingly difficult. I have been stupid many times over and lost lots of money. Most of all, I have learned a lot and I love sharing the lessons.

What I am good at is starting businesses with close to no funds and getting clients quick. I have successfully started many of them.

A major contributing factor to this is my acumen on deciding what elements we can do without in-the-mean-time. I had two startsups a few years ago that were quite popular, Gabble Heights Clothing and Rural Joss Clothing.

N.B. Firstly I cannot help you start a security company, a mine or get tenders. I will only agree to a consultation for businesses I can be able to assist in.

I am proficient in starting product based startups, like a clothing brand or an app company.

There is a fee. Contact us if only you are serious. Email Queen here (info [at ] tiisetsomaloma dot com) with the following information:

  • Brief of the business/es you wish to start or have started (if it exists already)
  • Mention your problem areas, or the challenges you face
  • Date and time

We can meet in person or over Skype. If you would like to meet in person, you should be able to get to either Pretoria (Hatfield) or Johannesburg (Sandton) on the day of the consultation.

You will learn a mixture of the following points, depending on your kind of business.

  • Creating/developing products and services which are buyable, competitive, appealing and of great value to customers.
  • Determining possible customers
  • Components of effective marketing
  • Marketing activities to prioritize on, for your kind of business
  • Attracting possible customers, acquiring them and maintaining them
  • Cash flow management and revenue strategies
  • Building a public relations strategy
  • Diagnosing the weakness in your business model
  • Progressive decision making
  • Distributing and delivering products to customers in manner which is efficient and convenient to them
  • Differentiating your business’ brand offering
  • Creating buzz for a product before it is released