Here is the real reason why black people frown when they are dancing

Blacks frown when they dance. To outsiders, it might seem as though we are angry and full at the same time.


To add pizzazz in how we should market South Africa to Western tourists, as of today we will explain this ‘frowning and dancing’ phenomenon – like the image above illustrates, in the way to follow.

Here we go:

The category of dance the gentleman is performing is called ‘ba dedele’. It is a very intricate procedure as you can draw from his face and posture.

How we get into it is, a dancer walks or runs in to a circle, like the fella is surrounded; he then gets his grove on with a hardened frowning face.

The outcome is that he absorbs everyone’s pain and sadness; and dances them away. The result is everybody becomes happier, as you can tell from the image of everyone around him.

It is spiritual. The fella is connecting and hobnobbing with the Gods, for the deliverance of everyone’s misfortune and tragedy.


The young lady here also is performing the famous ba’delele dance.

Her bills are paid. She is thanking her Gods. Two years ago this time, she didn’t know whether her then tough times then would get to better. Things are now fantastic. #Berekamosadi.

She went to school, worked hard, no blesser business.

Of importance is she now works for the local council in the procurement department. Her current dilemma is, for which she is asking her Gods for guidance, to which company should they reward the cleaning tender/contract.

Awarding of tenders is decided with the Gods in South Africa.