POEM: I am Big Deal, I am Bigger than Race, My Energy is Taking me Places

Yes I am a big deal; I am bigger than race.

My ambitions go beyond race; mine or anyone else’s.

Of course when people lay eyes on me, they see a young black handsome dude.

I am sharing my shtick, relax your political correctness.

My race hasn’t done much for me. Probably a white South African would be perplexed at this view. Of course there is affirmative action in South Africa; call it BEE. Yes it is many BEE opportunities to many-many black folk.

Or maybe I haven’t explored the opportunities offered like most fellow black entrepreneurs I know. We were talking about this the other day.

When I appear or talk, you see or hear a black person – whatever your race is. In some cases it is an advantage – even if the person I am dealing with isn’t of my skin colour.

Yes receive me by my race: given my ill delivered script or well articulated approach. Once I am in, I give wonderful energy and you will forget about my skin card or least say “this young black man is amazing”.

What you might not be realising is you are under the spell of my energy, not race. People respond to energy better than most things. You then go market my energy within your network. You are taking me places baby, or my energy is.

The most joy I get from people is getting beyond my world given biases – everyone has them, and dealing and connecting from there.

Steve Biko gave good energy to people, even his none black friends.

I do not even need to quote James Arthur Baldwin.

My black self is going places. Dear old energy is taking me there.

– –

Black child, we are bigger than our situation. Let’s create and share. It doesn’t matter if the creations are bad. To realise a good idea, you ought to have conceived a lot of bad ones.

Evils like apartheid and slavery stole from our forefathers a chance to be immersed in being creators. Create create create. This will share your amazing energy into the world.

If you are a poet, it is terrible to only have the scripts on your notebook. It is everything to share onto some media: blog, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud or whatever. Sharing puts you at the reach of the world.

The world wants you, it is waiting for you. Not even race will stop you. Just create and share.