How I Lost R90 000 in 2011 and Still Miss it When I Am Broke

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When broke, don’t you sometimes ponder upon the monies you had in the past, the deals missed and those you said no to?

Today I am doing that. I am expecting monies to come through and even those funds are budgeted for different projects. I want more to put into current and others. What I mean here is I am future broke.

Money multiplies progress you see.

In particular I am thinking of a 2011 deal I messed up or said no to – I cannot recall which is which. Now it is 2016.

I was negotiating a community music business development program I proposed to a mine in Mpumalanga.

It needed R165 000. The lady at the mine said they can do no more than R90 000. And they wanted something that would change eighty percent of the concept. They envisaged more of a festival than a music business program, to draw crowds and heighten their PR.

I tried to be a hell of a negotiator, “I can only do in the region of R130 000”. A week passed. I was hell broke. They stopped responding to my emails and were never available when I called. Eish, I miss that money I never had.

Do not f*cken say I should have took the money and that when a client says do this, you do it no matter your preconceived position.  I am not looking for wise advice. I am amusing myself with what didn’t become, and it feels good.

Sorrow sometimes tastes good. Let me wallow in it.

What is your story?