The Man who Fed his Child with the Face of the Mother, A Metaphor for Creativity

The Joker

No, it wasn’t The Joker.

Below is the man. He needs a name, let’s call him Sy.

Feed baby

The big question is why did this gentleman feed the child with the baby mama’s face?

No, he did not feed the mom’s actual face to the child. You can see he stuck a picture of the mother to his face as to deceive the toddler into believing it was the mama doing the feeding.

I guess children are deceivable. At times I wonder if I am not a child as Instagram filters sometimes do dupe me.

The background thoughts

When I first saw this image going around on social media I had a couple of thoughts:

  • Maybe he is the new nanny
  • He is the father, the mother dumped the kid with him

The thoughts can go on and on.

It does not matter what the situation or relation is. If you are babysitting and it is time to feed the child, and it does not want to eat – it will stress you.

We know stress doesn’t conceive solutions. Then it is time to get creative and peddle possible solutions to make the child eat.

Our friend Sy got creative. The other ideas he might have thought are:

  • Dance whilst feeding the baby. Babies tend to love movement, especially when it is out of sync.
  • Sing or play for the baby its supposed favourite song.
  • Put the mother on the phone loudspeaker so she can talk while he feeds the little one.

He went with putting a picture of the mother (or mother figure) on his face so to deceive the little crying star.

Think of this picture as metaphor for ‘creativity defeats anxiety’. The anguish of not knowing what to do to solve a problem is anxiety. Sy defeated the anxiety by getting creative.

– –

I would like to invite you on a journey of dealing with anxiety through creativity. 31 May 2016 is the release of my 3rd book on the subject, titled ‘The Anxious Entrepreneur: Anxiety Defeats Creativity – Creativity Defeats Anxiety