The Reasons Why People Do Not Want You To Follow Your Dreams

These points are extracted from my upcoming book The Anxious Entrepreneur.

People like to dig and analyse people’s background affairs.

A homeboy was saying to me I wouldn’t be pursuing entrepreneurship had my parents not been doing ok. He meant, given otherwise, I would have been forced to take a job to keep things going in the family.

It got me thinking of how fortunate I am.

He has a good job and a family of his own. He badly wants to pursue a business interest of his.

People look at their situations; they find what seemingly impedes them from pursuing their dreams. When they talk to you, the darer, about dreams and stuff, they attack what SEEMS to be enabling you to do what you do.

Strictly looking at what disables them will never enable them.

People want you to settle for normal and safety nets like they have. They want to feel good about settling and want to extend that colony by discouraging others. You are a disruption, so they have to counter you. You remind them of what they wish they could do.

– –

I have a family member who used to push me to get a job. Today he has turned to entrepreneurship, after 20 or so years of employment. I am 28. I love him still.

I guess prior to turning to entrepreneurship full time, he was projecting his fears onto me.

– –

Your mom, the one who loves you to bits, could wish you to stop dreaming of pursuing dreams or stop chasing them if you are already.

In the start of a dream, it is rough. Your mom cannot stomach seeing you struggle because she loves you too much.

She probably prefers something safe for you, so you could be like other kids.

– –

Reasons Why People Want You To Settle For Normal

  • You remind them of the dreams they punked out of.
  • The want to project their fears onto you.
  • They love you.

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