Dear single ladies

Dear single ladies

1. As you are pretty and, you look after yourself, guys will approach you.

2. Their approach will entail trying to be interesting or building interest.

3. In exchange you will respond however (positive or otherwise).

4. Regardless of the response, they are probably talking to you because you are pretty. That’s A; B is, its up to you if pretty is the operative foundation of what will be. If so, then getting a taste of your prettiness will be the roof (the end). Then you will feel used (maybe).

5. If a guy is trying to interest you, if you like him, put across your interesting-ness and integrity.

6. Your integrity challenges a guy to stand up and act worthy of you.

7. Therefore, a solid relationship is based on exchanging interests and integrity, and the differences not pulling the other down, but up!

With love!
Bro T (I could be wrong)