What if we were all white or all black or all Chinese?

The world is in a bad shape.

Why do we exist?

Why apartheid, why war? But war is stupid?

Some go far as saying the west just likes bombing Arabs, Asian and black people!

It seems the world is fighting because of differences there and there. Tribal conflicts, racial conflicts, religious conflicts etc; you can mention them.

Over the days I have been thinking of solutions to end these conflicts in the world. What if we were of one race, one religion and one continent?

What if we were all white? Would there have never been apartheid?

It’s reported that in the United States, sperm banks are having no luck in selling semen donated by gingers.

Can I conclude that there would still be conflict even if were all white? Because no matter what, we would find difference and use it to degrade one another. Or in popular fashion, go to war.

What if we were all black?

Everyday I hear native South Africans talking smack, this tribe saying something silly about that tribe, on and on: Zulu this, Tsonga that, my son will not marry a Xhosa girl, blah blah. The light skinned would be in beef with the dark skinned I tell you.


It would seem difference is a basis of for the world. Still we have not mastered tolerance towards this difference. Our voices sound different; our skin complexion is different, hair etc.

For the world to live in peace; we must give tolerance towards difference. Since we are all different somehow, can’t we use this as a commonality? The fact that we are different is more of a fact as to why we are the same.

With love.