I’m a firm believer in don’t criticize; but rather inspire. With this article I have excused such a conviction. Apologies also for the title. Excuse any impositions found in the article. The attitude is not to impose but inspire.

Political party manifestos; I rarely read them. One impression I hold of all the political parties in South Africa; is that they are not of a sustainable and legacy orientated future.

What is the real problem; or rather the challenge and strive.Where do want to get as a country? Let’s start here. Us as blacks believe that life started in 1994 when the first democratically elected government came into existence. It’s obvious what the past deprived us of.

It’s ok for one to think they are above the other. Our society should not allow the manifestation of such thinking into treatment. That goes for all races, all tribes and any societal category.

I’m a rural boy. I think I have been exposed to the last degree of poverty; I’ve seen it all. Poverty in South Africa affects mostly blacks but as well as other races. Any solution to alleviate poverty is good; as it will help people, not just black people.

Back to the topic. Why are all these other parties not better than the African National Congress?

All I hear from these parties is better service delivery, fairness, defeating corruption and competitiveness. They speak the same language but the ANC represents the majority; native majority that was suppressed for years. The ANC does have their policies to remedy the past (effective or not); in a democratic society. We thank them for the efforts.

They are all on about doing right where the ANC does wrong. Here is what all South Africans won’t mind hearing: plans to grow the local economy inside, continentally and inter-continentally. We import more of what we can produce and that which we can slowly surely learn to produce.

Which party will guarantee (through timely and tangible plans) us a future where we will own our prosperity; fully own the fruits of our demand as consumers? Lest did you know: all these international companies investing in Africa are doing so because our demand is new, sophisticating, desirable, opportune and portable. Not to mention that our democracy is strengthening and leading day by day. Western companies have done business in the harshest circumstances and totally undemocratic countries. South Africa is heaven.

This is what is in the minds of black people: we accepted reconciliation without justice for a chance to take part in the economy. Only a chance to participate in the economy as equals. Obviously with a future (economic policies) that does compensate for what apartheid/colonialism denied us of.

To me it seems all these political parties are not securing such ambitions. Although the ANC is not 100% on track; progress is being made; and the path thereto.

The beautiful thing that the government did when it took over from the apartheid government was to keep the economy going and build from that strength. Actually the trade sanctions on the apartheid government where removed in the mist of the negotiations to democracy. Thabo Mbeki feared that the South African economy would crumble.

Service delivery and eradicating corruption is not our vision. They are challenges; challenges that can be solved in a minute; but it is not happening.

Until the ANC government decides to go after an African oriented vision and really eradicate corruption; they will sell “defeating corruption” to us voters.

Any new (black) political party to lead/campaign with a manifesto that pushes for a “business culture where South Africa’s prosperity will be owned South Africans” and “proper controls to prevent and defeat corruption” can win the majority’s confidence.

South Africa’s problem is not the insufficiency of jobs. We need businesses with new ideas, new creations and new generation of products. We need businesses that will employ 2 people until they have the same employee base as ABSA, FNB, Coca Cola etc. Can ABSA, FNB or Coca Cola double their employee base by 2015? I’m talking of companies like Mxit, Tutuka, Raiz Corp, Facebook, Apple and the likes.