How to go about the African business culture

What is a business culture?

When the Indians first landed in South Africa, their goal was defined. They were tradesmen. They came to South Africa carrying such a culture. And their aim was to continue that culture. That is why today still they are avid enterprisers.

The Jews are entrepreneurs of note, hence the amount of wealth they have accumulated over time. The Afrikaners are known for being diligent farmers.

Do we as native Africans have a business culture? History tells us that we were master craftsmen of iron ore. Are we armed with any business culture to take us to greater heights? Do we have a business culture that takes care of us as others have?

What should an African business culture do?

Firstly, I am not insinuating there isn’t any sort of business culture in Africa or among black Africans. The emphasis is on the need to have a well defined business culture. I’m not saying we should only focus on specific trades.

This business culture I’m on about should help bring prosperity to the continent. It should help bring economic prosperity, which then should be enjoyed by all that inhabit this great continent.

Economic prosperity (for all) definitely eradicates illiteracy, as opportunities to learn would be open. Social development would be on the rise. The country’s moral would also be on the rise.

The quickest way to bring about jobs

We export more raw materials than we import finished products. This equation is simple to denote. There is an existing need for these imported products within the country. If we started substituting these imported products with locally produced products, would there not be new jobs created?

Can we not study the factors that make people buy imported products and use them to our advantage?

We need to have a culture that that encourages entrepreneurship and ownership of such prosperity. It’s important that profits remain on the continent to serve as further investment. That is African development! It is to be achieved though increased ownership of businesses.

We all know jobs are fruits of entrepreneurship. A phenomenon that is risky but rewarding. This is a solution to many of the challenges facing the continent.

  How to achieve African business culture?

We need to be one. There needs to be leaders/organisations championing and inspiring this culture.

A culture wherein demand pattern is shaped by society’s its values and aspirations: education, development, job creation, entrepreneurship development, innovation etc. Giving an opportunity for business to speak to what will drive development on the continent.