What brand Africa means to me

Brand Africa to me is about Africa, her features, character, her children and most importantly her future. Brand Africa is concentrated efforts aimed at marketing Africa through her strengths, thus remedying her weaknesses and strengthening her vulnerabilities.

It’s the attitude that each and every African should carry. A concept which I think all African children need to be made aware of at an early age.

www.brandafrica.net (founders Brand Africa) says brand Africa is: “is an African brand-driven initiative to proactively drive Africa’s reputation, image and competitiveness”.

Poverty, human rights violations, religious wars, corruption, precious minerals, diversity, racism; are some of the issues synonymous with the continent. And we know which need to be eliminated and which harnessed.

We need to make this brand Africa not only desirable to the foreign world, but importantly to us Africans. My dream is for Africa to have its own business culture. We have chased westernization of Africa and in the process forgot that, like the western world, we too can and should contribute in elevating world standards and innovations.