Fostering the African business culture

What is it? When a foreign enterprise ventures in foreign territories, it would have done research on that particular area. That is, research on the area’s business culture and mood (promulgations, constitution, social facts etc). So what is our business culture as Africans?

For long we have been chasing the concept ‘westernization of Africa’. Are we wrong? No and yes. Is it then about identity? Yes. An African business culture should be a culture that progressively adopts methods that will help Africa it in being a better continent. Be it we copy or not; the culture should be focused on what will be best for Africa and Africans.

Africa is the least exploited continent in the world. And at the pace we are going; that is the consolidating of our democracy and our human rights, we are with no doubt thee spot for foreign investment.

So our business culture should not only encourage increasing our GPD; but also help better our overall social status and enlighten our social responsibility: Eliminating illiteracy, promoting innovation, increasing employment chances, encouraging ownership of businesses etc.