Upcoming book – The Anxious Entrepreneur: Anxiety defeats creativity and creativity defeats anxiety

The Anxious Entrepreneur: Anxiety defeats creativity and creativity defeats anxiety

Above is the title of my third book / Release date – 09 April 2015 / Subscribe above for advanced details. 

Entrepreneurship is a nerve wrecking business, especially when things are not going according to one’s wish/plan/luck/desire/need/desperation (almost all the time). It gets us anxious and sometimes depressed.

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Entrepreneurs, rightfully so, are always focused on achieving certain goals. We are pursuing opportunities we have thought of. We have a picture of how those goals will be achieved. A picture of how many units of our products we will sell. The funny thing is we do not have control over tomorrow’s reality and things never really happen the way we want them to.

This creates expectations to an extent. Subconsciously when an expectation isn’t met, it shakes us up a bit.

This book in a lot articles, deals with the following:

1. Recollecting the number of years I have been on this planet earth, the most times I have been saved was by unthought-of opportunities than those I thought of.  Maybe I have been too stupid. And you?

I have figured several ways to attract thought of and especially unthought-of opportunities i.e. things to do to achieve goals and things to do in between achieving goals. I have found the latter helps take away anxiety and depression.

2. This book covers several anxiety causing stories which make good business cases, covered in a witty and funny fashion to relate great business lessons you can use to defuse anxiety and depression in your business life.

3. You cannot be anxious and creative at the same time. One must give way for the other. Anxiety trumps creativity and creativity trumps anxiety.

There is a quote by Randy Armstrong which goes, “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.”

You get joy from doing the things you enjoy or things that have a meaning to you. This book tries to get you in tune with those.

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About me the author, Tiisetso Maloma:

I am a parallel entrepreneur, African entrepreneurship activist, development economics scholar and self renowned music and comedy connoisseur. I devised the EBC business model checklist and authored these 2 books: Forget The business Plan Use This Short Model, and Township Biz Fastrack (co-authored with www.spazanews.co.za).

My obsession is with the creativity of finding market penetrating advantages for startups/businesses given their limited resources. Although I can never completely leave behind the anxiety entrepreneurship brings, I do it for recreational purposes. It is about testing.

My interest is active in how one can be economically creative, i.e. figurative and literally, and create products that appeal to people’s need, intrigue and consumption; and therefore buy.

Entrepreneurship is a nerve wrecking business when things are not going according to one’s wish/plan/luck/desire/need/desperation. My next study or field of play is figuring ways entrepreneurs can attract thought-of and especially unthought-of opportunities i.e. things to do to achieve goals and things to do in between achieving goals. I have found the latter helps take away anxiety and depression.

Here are the present businesses I am publicly involved with: Startup Picnic, Bula Buka and Practice DVD education Games.

I love to do talks and workshops on the topics above. I consult privately to a few individuals and entities. Please visit my blog here where I archive my thoughts, experiments and experiences.

I ventured and wrestled in various industries including: clothing, music, animation, television. Other past ventures include gabble heights Clothing, Rural Joss Clothing and Bhovas & Sam. Eish, I have failed a lot.

I have published many publications and featured in different broadcast shows: www.Under30CEO.co.za, www.entrepreneur.co.za, www.NSBC.org.za, www.HowWeMadeItInAfrica.com, Business Report; www.cliffcentral.com, 2000 FM, YFM, Alex FM, Mamelodi FM, Hashtag Radio and more.

This is as far as my academic education goes: Diploma in Accounting and Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Auditing, both with the university of Johannesburg.

“Radical with pragmatic economic solutions” Thebe Ikalafeng

“Dresses more like a rock star than an accountant” Deon Maas


Open letter to minister of Small Business Development: The other things frustrating entrepreneurship growth in South Africa

Good day minister Zulu. First congratulations on your appointment on the new department.

This article has been in the writing even before it became known that the Department of Small Business Development would be. I’ve been chasing perfection with it, but I guess like entrepreneurship is about operating in ever ideal-less situations – it will never be perfect.

I hope there are many entrepreneurship activists like myself who are publicly raising their suggestions for SMME growth in South African, to the department. I believe more ideas, especially from different people give depth to solutions.

Below I list a few things which I believe frustrate entrepreneurship growth and acceleration, in South Africa. I have also included some ideas on how entrepreneurship can be fast tracked to strengthen and enlarge South African owned economic activity – which in the popular sense is economic prosperity for all.

And in no way am I implying solutions vest majorly on government.

– –

As South Africa’s GDP is the largest in Africa (actually now it is second to Nigeria), but with more unemployment than some countries with a lesser GDP and more people, who then is enjoying a bigger chunk of the GDP?

Through analyzing our exports versus imports, we can tell that foreign investors are enjoying our GDP through mostly: consumables (phones, clothing, cosmetic, soft products) and other innovations.

If the import gap (through work of course) is lessened a bit to the favour of local goods, this is simple better life most South Africans.

– –

More focus needed on products’ based businesses over administrative ones

The growth of a country’s banks depends on the growth in the amount of monies they handle. For more money to be handled, the GDP has to grow. Or a case of more people, who didn’t have money before, now does. Or they managed to attract internationals to bank with them.

A banking industry’s growth is

How to get and keep a mentor: why nobody wants your coffee offer

I can’t recall how many times but I did propose to buy coffee to people I wanted mentorship from.

A mentor is someone more prominent than me, right? How the hell do I suppose I will attract Brian Joffe to meet me all because I offered to buy him coffee.

He can afford way more than his own coffee and can only drink so much. I am sure he has coffee invites from Zimbabwe to Zanzibar.

Had inviting people out for coffee been that intriguing, I would have invited Azania many times. How I wish.

A mentor is important in that they can save you from making stupid mistakes and lo

Chronicles of a struggling (succeeding) entrepreneur

The fridge was empty. I swore to myself that the following day I would hustle like I never did before. I don’t know why but the implication of an empty fridge hurts more than not eating the actual food. This can’t be 3rd world problems, can it? Things got better as they always do. Months later I was back in a similar situation of having a horribly empty refrigerator. My life has had a rollercoaster of these episodes.

I must do some shit to rid my life of such low points forever. Points which make none believers not understand why folks like me sacrifice to push what is called a “dream”.

On the other hand, like the rest of society, I don’t like to keep it real. It is like I paint a champagne life with a cheap BIC pen.

You know what kind of society we are?